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REVIEW: Neighbors

Seth Rogen is right in his element and Rose Byrne is surprisingly just as  raunchy as  the  parents who find themselves in an all-out war when a frat house moves in next door.  Zac Efron has never been funnier  though it’s his impossibly cut body that makes the biggest impression as the fraternity president. Dave Franco is also well cast as the fraternity vice-president.  Dave is the younger bro of James Franco and shares his winning smile.

This one is like throwing  drek against a wall-  throwing jokes fast and furious to see which sticks.  Some do and some don’t but I found myself laughing a lot!!  Move over fart jokes. Now it’s the breastfeeding jokes. Visuals included.  Oh- and two scenes involving penis plaster casts.

Rogen and Byrne are refreshing as new parents who are still very much in love and  very much best friends.  Also ringing true: their resistance to the revelation that as parents, their lives will never be the same.

What weakens this film is some of the narrative really rings false. Why are no other neighbors complaining about sleepless nights from the constant  frat house partying??  And a loving mom  would NEVER spend all night partying next door, leaving  her baby  home alone. Even with the baby monitor glued to her ear. Who would hear anything with all that music pumping??? 

Still, this is one of the stronger frat house films since the one that set the bar 36 years ago “National Lampoon’s Animal House”. And it’s also a big draw for young parents- so between the two generations, it’s a box office natural.


2-and-a-half stars


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