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REVIEW: Elysium

REVIEW: Elysium

The second movie from “District 9”’s  Neil Blomkamp  is in keeping with his political philosophy: it’s the 1% vs. the 99%.

The year is 2154. The earth is an over-populated, ruined mess. That’s the 99%. The 1% live on a  man-made  paradise space station  called Elysium, where the elite not only get to live the life, all possible diseases are cured , just by lying in an mri-like setting.  

Matt Damon is the guy who changes the equation. Not because he’s a revolutionary but because he’s  an ordinary worker who’s   given a lethal dose of radiation that can only be cured  by getting himself to Elysium. To do this, he becomes a man-bot, a combo man/robot. A hybrid or a  mutant revolutionary. He’s half-human, half robot. 

Then, there’s the love interest. Alicia Braga is his childhood now-nurse friend , whose very young  daughter is dying of cancer, unless she can get her to Elysium to be cured. Jodie Foster is a one-note chilling Secretary of Security chief.

This one’s a total statement on the 1% vs.  the 99% , immigration, Obama care and more. 

3 stars


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