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REVIEW: Here Comes The Boom

REVIEW: Here Comes The Boom

Check out the review from Derek Sante:

A story that's been told, but a fun watch thanks to crazy characters and situations!

Enter the 42-year-old teacher that used to care, a slacker by all standards, a caring soul in the past tense. Scott Voss (Kevin James) has given up on teaching, his student’s future and all positive aspects. Barely squeaking by in work, friendship and love hasn't made him a man to follow.

That is, until a loving and superior teacher with a caring soul running the music program comes up with the short end of the stick when it comes to scholastic budgeting. Voss sees the injustice in losing this great teacher and perhaps also wanting to look like a good guy to the shapely school nurse (Salma Hayek) leads Scott to stick his neck and name out. The problem that arises is that his plan consisted of bake sales and car washes, but a job this does not save. So through outside circles, Scott finds a new money making medium. Fighting mixed martial arts with a general plan of losing ever fight.

This type of movie has been made in many forms over the years. Where Here Comes the Boom differs is with the hilarious characters and positively crazy situations. It has its feel good moments as well as many pre-boxed emotional sequences, but if you are looking for an easy movie with a little heart and some laughs, you could do worse.

Grade: B-

Rating: PG

Check out another review from Shelli Sonstein:

A Kevin James Rocky for kids meets Mr. Holland’s Opus

Can you see a guy like Kevin James winning a UFC fight in Vegas??? Right. O.k. So suspend  belief at the door.  Bottom line: this is kids’ movie you won’t hate.  First off, Kevin James nails it as your everyday guy. This time he’s a jaded public school biology teacher , futilely in love with  school nurse Salma Hayek. He awakens from his apathy  when  school cutbacks  threaten to cut the job of beloved-by-all  music teacher Henry Winkler, who is  inspiring and sincere- such a far cry from the Fonzie we loved on “Happy Days” . Not afraid to play his age, Winkler is a welcome, familiar  site in a movie  that’s actually sweeter than it is funny.

The game plan is for James’ Scott Voss, a former  high school wrester, to  hustle up  the 48-grand to save the music teacher’s  job, by competing in mixed martial arts matches. The movie is at its worst when in fight mode and at its best when sweet and inspiring.

The film’s title comes from the P.O.D. tune  by the same name. But the standout signature song is Neil Diamond’s “Holly Holy”.

Really- it’s not as bad as it sounds

2 stars

Movie Trailer - Here comes the Boom

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