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REVIEW: The Croods

REVIEW: The Croods

Before Family Guy, The Simpsons or even The Flintstones; another cartoon family was walking the Earth. Namely, The Croods. Cavemen and cavewomen in a

The family is led by Grug (Nick Cage), a father that takes no chances when survival is on the line. Surrounded by his family which includes Ugga (Catherine Keener), Gran (Cloris Leechman), Thunk (Clarke Duke) and "The Baby". His happiness comes from being safe in a cave whenever possible.

Grug’s biggest problem (besides disease, animal attacks and finding food on a regular basis) is his daughter Eep (Emma Stone), a teenager that wants more and questions everything, all to Grug’s dismay. This point really hits home when Eep leaves the cave to follow a mysterious and new event. To her surprise, her mystery has a name and it's Guy (Ryan Reynolds). An inventor and a thinker that warns of a coming destruction that should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, events take away the option of a safe cave from the Croods so they decide to venture forth dragging Guy along to "think" when necessary. A new world unfolds for them as they see the potential they have all been missing, all except for Grug that is. He fears all new things and wants something he can control to safeguard his family. Is growth an option for these cavemen or is it extinction for all?

A very delightful movie with humor to spare, this is a homerun for children and parents with stunning visuals and a couple lessons thrown in. If you have kids or enjoy animated movies (And you aren't living under a rock), then feel free to take a pre-historic journey with The Croods.

Grade: B

Rating: PG

Running time: 1hr 31min

Movie Trailer - The Croods

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